Prefabricated houses

Prefabricated houses

Nowadays, as construction industry is going through a great time, we are proud that we can choose houses from numerous options. Highly regarded are wooden, brick, clay, glass and even straw houses, however, perhaps the most worthy of attention are prefabricated houses. You ask why exactly this type of house should interest you? The answer is really simple – these houses have a number of benefits:

warm and economical;
built in a shorter period of time than brick or wood;
production of the details for these houses is not affected by weather conditions;
construction can be carried out in any season;
quality matches brick house;
avoids the damages of fire: inflammable materials that are used in the process of building this type of houses are impregnated with specific preservatives;
construction of a prefabricated house is much more resistant to strong winds than brick or wooden house.
easy to carry out a correction of the house (for example, expand the construction).

Doors and Windows

Although the building of a house is an essential process, and it requires a lot of attention, it cannot be declared that the construction is finished until all of the necessary doors and windows are installed. Still, while various materials can be used in the building process of a house (wood, glass, concrete, plastic and others) the same applies to the making of windows and doors. Nevertheless, according to sales statistics, the most popular windows and doors are the ones made of wood and plastic. And which one of these materials is more worthy to appear in your home? Before giving the answer it is important to mention a few details: recently people want to return to naturalness: the interest in natural products of food or cosmetic has been rising nowadays, and house furnishing items are not an exception. And you also want the environment of your home to be more natural? It this case, it is vital to prioritize wooden windows and doors: pleasant for the eye and to touch, great appearance in any kind of interior, still smell like forest… It is obvious that windows and doors made out of wood would not cause even minor disadvantages to your personal health and the one of your family.
Therefore, if you have already decided that you would want to live in a wooden house, you should stick to this direction until the very end and choose windows and doors made out of wood. Having chosen exactly these details you will create an oasis of tranquility, coziness, and harmony with the nature and yourself.
The majority of production is exported to Norway, Sweden and Denmark. This is only a proof that the production meets high technological and aesthetic requirements.

TEK10 and other energy efficiency standards, energy efficiency class A House


Norwegian passive house standart.TEK10 essential requirements are low house constructions transmission coefficient (U-value) and tightness house now easily meet the following energy efficiency standards and the Baltic House Group always update their knowledge and manufacturing solutions by more stringent construction standards and requirements.

Other construction standards

  • Switzerland applied MINERGIE,
  • Germany KfW-Effizienzhaus 70, 55, 40,
  • French BBC (Bâtiment de basse consommation),
  • Italian CasaClima (KlimaHaus).